Why Choose Artificial Flowers & Plants 

We're passionate about artificial flowers and plants, in the way that they look and the way that they feel. We wanted to bring a luxury range that is affordable for all without compromising on quality. All our flowers and plant are carefully hand picked from suppliers based within the UK

Always Guest Ready

We all have those guests who turn up unannounced. Whilst fresh flowers are beautiful, we don't always have the opportunity to get to the shops. Our gorgeous faux florals will be your saving grace as they will always be guest ready.  They are perfect for infusing your space with a fresh spring feel.

They Can Live Anywhere

Whether you choose to have your flowers at a window or in a sun filled room, our artificial flowers will not wilt or wither away. Our artificial plants can sit on a side table next to a radiator or be a feature on your fireplace without the worry of excess heat. Even if you suffer from allergies, you can have a display right next to you on your bedside table.

No Maintenance Needed

With artificial flowers and plants, you can have luscious greens and beautiful florals all year round without having to do anything. You can have your favourite flowers any time, regardless of the season. You don't need to worry about watering or pruning them and you will never have stagnant water to contend with.